Gunde Chappudu (The Sound of Heart)

Gunde Chappudu (The Sound of Heart)

Published on 10 Mar 2016
A movie about the importance of organ donation. A beautiful girl takes up the mission of his fiancee to fulfill his wish as she promised once. An other person on the death bed was transplanted his heart but wakes up with different memories. So many questions? This is an inspiring tale of thrilling movie with an objective to donate organs. A story of an organ donation volunteer and death dreams. He wants to confirm what his heart is trying to communicate with him and why his mind is speaking differently. Why can't he see his face in the mirror? Why some other person appears in the mirror?

Cast: Alli Sharath, Haritha, Raghunandan, Prince & Richard

Crew: Uday Kumar, Prasad, Jagadish, Venkatram Reddy,

Assoc.Director: Raghunandan
Co-Producer: Ravi Pagidipalli

Produced & Edited By: Suryam Pagidipalli

Story-Screenplay-Vfx -Direction: Raja Ramesh (Raja Rao Pagidipalli)

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