Drink and Drive (with subtitles)

Drink and Drive (with subtitles) _ A RedRock Creations & Evolve Thinkers Film

Details: Published on 19 Apr 2016
#RedRock_Creations with #Production_B
In association with #Evolve_Thinkers

Movie tittle: #Drink_and_Drive 🍾....🔜

song used from the movie: Keechuraalu (1991) taken from AdityaMusic...

Departments of Drink and Drive

Casting :
1⃣ Sanjeev Yog
2⃣ Akarsh Raj
3⃣ Aravind Ganesh

Music - Surya and chandu

Story - Satish Somireddi

Narration - Surya and Sai

Producer - Sridhar Brundavanam and Rajesh Damera

D.O.P, Editing, Direction - VaMs!

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