Selfie |Telugu Short Film

Selfie |Telugu Short Film| 2016| Latest Comedy Movie| Shankar Siddam 2016

Details: Published on 10 Oct 2015
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Selfie is an Comedy Thriller Drama where an Individual Lady Journalist tries to identify the true story of Three friends running into Unknown Situation.
Cast: Shankar Siddam, Chandu Siddam, Karthik Pulluri Ravi Rallabhandi, Siva Boppana, Amrutha Jana, Dinesh Bhukiya, Pawan Sai
Cinematography: Shankar Siddam, Karthik Pulluri
VFX Supervisor,VFX Affects,Editing: Anil Kumar P
Screenplay and dialogues: Shankar Siddam and Chandu Siddam
Producer: Siddam Arts
Story and Director: Shankar Siddam

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Selfie is the first independent Telugu Film Shot using Iphone 6 and Screened in 70mm Theatre in London.

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